Through our effort to optimize the depot-based scheduling of buses under Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), which is India’s one of the largest public transport service providers, a toolkit is developed for effective utilization of its bus fleet. By developing a mathematical model based on Operation Research and Analytics, overlapping trips of buses were reduced, redundant trips were withdrawn and effective redeployment of buses were carried out. This analytically intensive exercise showed promising results in limiting waiting time of passengers, creating additional passenger trips, boosting revenue generation and many more. The initiative was also recognized as a winner of the Smart Move Challenge of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.

Following are the direct impacts:

  1. Overlapping trips in case of BMTC were reduced to 0 from 4143
  2. 2309 redundant trips were removed from timetable
  3. Effective redeployment of 1249 buses were done
  4. Based on the effective redeployment 82 additional buses were available
  5. Additional revenue of ~25.83 crores can be generated annually
  6. ~48,000 daily i.e., 1.75 crore additional passenger trips can be added in the timetable

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