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Public Systems Lab


With a vision to be “A global leader in providing innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions to make Public Systems more effective and efficient and enhance their access and utilisation by the communities“, the lab will work towards solving critical problems that are vital for improving the lives of millions of people who depend on public systems, by developing innovative solutions, undertaking field testing and supporting their scale-up and replication across the country and beyond. The solutions would aim to reach marginalized communities, including socially excluded castes, tribes and groups and vulnerable women, to advance a human-rights based approach and the commitment to leave no one behind and realization of SDGs. It will integrate methodological/fundamental research with strong multi-stakeholder engagement including but not limited to Governments, Multilateral organisations, Private Sector, Academia, Foundations and Civil Society Organisations. Major functional areas will center around the inevitable use of Operation Research, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in solving complex problems related to the domains of Transportation, Food Systems and Health with a particular commitment to support and work for the relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

The funds provided by WFP India, as a part of this multifaceted set up will focus SDG 2 goals with projects involving Operations Research, Product Development, Data-Based Innovations & Analysis.