Smart Warehouse

                    IoT based SMART WAREHOUSE



A substantial amount of post-harvest food grains wastage in India (about 10%) is due to:

  • widespread inadequacy in storage and infrastructure capabilities. With 
  • more produce than the available amount of storage space available across the nation. 

It therefore becomes a challenge to adequately, preserve and handle foodgrains with minimum spoilage. Keeping these concerns in mind, the IoT based smart warehouse is based on state of the art technology


Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Warehouse is highly effective mechanism of foodgrain storage management and will ensure rightful utilization through structured monitoring of various parameters in real time. The warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology like temperature sensors, air quality sensor, passive infrared motion sensors for rodents, phosphine fumigation sensor, missing bag identification and many more. It aims to achieve a significant reduction of food wastage caused due to traditional storage practices while identifying the sources of waste to develop further solutions against foodgrain losses. The project also enables:

  • Dashboard & mobile-based app linked to warehouses & integrated to Supply Chain Management systems used for the TPDS & procurement operations
  • Set-up Mobile Storage Units (MSU) and assess impact on loss reduction 
  • eLearning solution for anytime access to global best practices in warehouse and post-harvest management                                                                              


  • Effective storage and distribution of foodgrains 
  • Significant food waste reduction
  • Real time monitoring of activities in warehouses

                                                                                                                                                            GUI- Monitoring

The IoT based Smart Warehouse apart from the above-mentioned outcomes will also impact a number of stakeholders ranging from the National/state/district officers to the farmers:

  • Data driven policy formulation & drill down view of warehouse operations for Government officials
  • Enable data driven planning, performance analysis and corrective recommendations
  • Access to updated information & input/output market channels for Farmers

The Public Systems Lab looks forward to repeat the installation of Smart Warehouses across all the states of India. Multiplying the deployment of smart warehouses will:

  • Show tremendous results in terms of checking and controlling foodgrain wastage 
  • Skills and manpower in demand will increase scope for employment

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