Sustainable Development Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) Dashboard for Rajasthan

 With an objective to visualize the state, district and sub-district data indicators for SDG 2 monitoring, a dashboard is being developed in order to enable evidence-based policymaking and support the efforts of Government of Rajasthan in achieving food and nutrition security in the state. The main expected outcome of this is to have robust SDG-2 dashboard that enables identification of vulnerable hot-spots for strategic planning and targeted action for achieving ‘Zero Hunger’ in the state of Rajasthan.

The functionality of the dashboard splits into four categories, ie, Home Page, State performance, District performance and Rajasthan SDG2-Index. The Homepage is composed of tabs for different SDG 2 targets (like hunger levels, malnutrition, agricultural productivity etc) which will re direct the user to the page displaying state performance with regard to the clicked target status.  The dashboard is designed using JavaScript toolkit and PHP language which provides high quality and rich user interfaces along with efficient database connectivity.

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